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How the Piracy can be prevented?

Piracy is the process of kidnapping the ships and boats travelling on the sea through force.

The first reason why piracy is attracting the youth is probably the amount of money it said they make a month, which doesn’t really matter because it’s a great risk to the youth, and the great consequences that could happen. These ‘pirates’ are drawn to Somalia and their region is because the livestock of fishery gets them a lot of money. The pirates target the youth because they are more energetic and stronger than they are, this also helps them gets the job done faster, and so they don’t get caught. Eliminating piracy starts with the youth, because the pirates see them as the next generation of pirates to keep the business going. By keeping the youth away from jobs in those fields of fishery would probably decrease the amount of pirates importing and exporting on the coast.


The second reason why youth look to piracy is because they aren’t occupied with anything to do. The schools play a big role in this because by giving the students homework to work on, it will help them improve in school as well as keep them occupied. My suggestion to help keep youth away from piracy is to build community centers around the city with different activities to do.


Certain things & activities to keep the youth occupied are:

  • Organizing weekly activities
  • Getting Youth involved in the community activities and Volunteering
  • Peer Mediating
  • Building Playgrounds for children
  • Free Internet access for Completion of Homework
  • Tutoring from Monday’s –Thursday’s to improve the performance of Youth in school meetings with Parents on how to change the environment their children are living in


The greatest threat of piracy is in the communities with the less fortunate people because they can barely afford to go to school which makes the youth have plenty of time to do things that might harm the community as well as the country. As well as, they want a job as soon as possible, which means volunteering is out of the picture. The easiest ways to get work is by showing physical strength and not intellectuality, because either they were uneducated so the easiest, fastest workplace in the minds of the less fortunate is piracy. In terms of money, it isn’t monthly like a normal job, you get paid by the amount of hours you worked, and get the money up front and centre.


Our vision in terms of minimizing piracy would mean invest in building more schools for those who cannot afford to go to private school. This will decrease the amount of youth joining in the acts of piracy, therefore minimizes the harm done to the country but most of all the communities.


The youth need motivation from teachers, peer educators, and especially parents, to earn the jobs they desire to get. In these community centers they should focus on the youth’s needs, if the youth all focus on one important thing, than it would be better to make that happen. E.g. If they all want to go to school then simply organizing a fundraiser for children who can’t afford to go school, would pay off some of the money for the youth to pay less than they were supposed before.


Organizing meetings with different NGO’s  to plan activities and awareness meetings starting with:

  • High schools
  • Universities
  • Youth Groups


What does the government plan to do for the community although our organization as well as other NGO’s is non-governmental?

The government should focus on the piracy population growing, because it’s taking the youth of our community and turning the youth into pirates. That’s the last thing the community wants is to know that children are in piracy, and so that might get other youth to engage in piracy because their friends are doing it. The least the government could do is make a public appearance, and let the Somali youth know that piracy is bad, and there are severe consequences.

What can our organization do to help prevent youth piracy?

Well, what our organization could do is plan more activities and Workshops for youth, to enjoy themselves as well as be educated on what piracy is, and what could happen if youth do engage in piracy.


Written by: Naima Ali Warsame

Edited by: Abdikadir Dooy

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