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HIV and SBCC Awareness Session Conducted

Puntland Y-PEER Network conducted HIV Awareness session and Social and Behavior Change Communication using through theatre-based performance for students of Imamu Nawawi Secondary School. PYPN trained 7 members from Imamu Nawawi Students council and Maslaho Drama team on HIV awareness raising using edutainment techniques including role-play, then, the trained students performed an awareness raising session before about 600 students. The aim of this session was to sensitize and educate the young generation particularly adolescents on sexually transmitted infections including HIV and to eliminate the discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS.

The session took place in the morning before classes start, about 700 students lined up school ground to watch and listen the performance made by joint team from Maslaho Drama and the School Council. After the performance, the principal of Imamu Nawawi School, Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi admired the team and PYPN for raising awareness and informing the youth. He said “As Imamu Nawawi management, we welcome all NGO’s who are willing to address the youth on good causes, this is (HIV awareness) is among the top issues every organization should address to educate the young people on the risks that could happen if they commit illegal and unprotected sex”.

Abdinasir Jama, President of Imamu Nawawi Student Council, commended the performance actors and thanked Y-PEER for training them, he promised that they will spread the knowledge the acquired among other youths in Garowe.

However, the performance made by the team promoted social change by positively influencing knowledge, attitudes and social norms of the society. Persuading the young generation on Social and Behavior Change Communication is a promising approach for eliminating negative attitudes among the society.

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