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Commemoration of Somali Youth Day ” 15 MAY” 2017

The Somali Youth League’s establishment on May 15, 1943 is annually commemorated in Somalia; official celebrations are organized throughout the country on this Somali Youth Day to honor the SYL members and their key role in the nation’s path to independence. It means as an opportunity for youth and other stakeholders to draw an attention to youth issues in Puntland.

It’s noteworthy that, the maternal and neonatal mortality rates are very high and adolescents and youths under 18 years old contribute to a great proportion of these deaths in the case of Somalia. Obstetric fistula is also very widespread under these conditions and when early pregnancies and child birth are combined with a high incidence and prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM), the poor pregnancy outcomes become even more worrying.

Puntland Y- Peer conducted commemoration Youth Day of 15 may 2017 at Gobsoor hall in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland  in respect and memory of all those in need sexual reproduction health care and GBV events happens in Puntland area. Through events, historical discussions, and educational health professional speeches and presentations of FGM, the Somali  people memorize this day to spread awareness and openness about the changes that have come to Somalia specially Puntland. The event brought immense good atmosphere to the participants of ceremony; such that may 15 has since been celebrated as a symbol of resistance to all the gender based violence (GBV) of Somali youth

In general the ceremony attended by more than a hundred people including: y-peer members, UNFPA representatives and Puntland government officials such as MOWDAFA, MOH and MOLYS ,Y-peer followers and ten especial youth activities invented from Mudug and Bari to share their experience of youth current issues.

Media Sensation– Websites and TV programs was aired to reach to the general population on this year’s theme, the history of the day of Somali  child and why it’s important all children

Drama and songs: Dramatization of the plight of Puntland children through plays and role playing, the songs all symbolized the d theme and the current status of Puntland youth and the need for urgent plan to address their plight . The drama emphasized the need the government to remain committed to the promotion of youth and encourage the skill jobs.

Printing and distributions of visibility materials-

A Hundred T-shirts were printed and distributed participants of the event and carried with key messages with this year’s theme to sensitize and educate the public on this important day


Main Objectives:

ü  Empower adolescents and youth to make their own decisions about their bodies and their futures by changing community norms related to gender, adolescent sexuality, early marriage, and childbearing.

ü  Connect young advocates and policymakers to foster supportive policies that promote young people’s health and rights.

ü  To increase youth education and information related to sexuality.


Opening speech.

statement is opened by y-peer surrogate and described the organization’s goal and importance of Somali youth day commemoration on the other hand UNFPA representative Dr: Bakhtior Kadirov: finger out that the UNFPA has uniquely stood with Somali youth that we recognized for imperative role in the society, we strove as UNFPA office upheld Somali youth for skill training and job creation opportunities, he also expresses the need for joint efforts to tackle up and curtail GBV and FGM.

MOWDAFA officials has strongly articulated the significant to advocate victims of FGM and SRH, they also anticipated and receive daily cases related to GBV issues and essentiality to attain cooperative to all social sectors, government, and non-state actors,  referral to justice.

Member of MOH has addressed the teenage pregnancy, FGM and SRH, needs of young people; they provide the eventful both narrative and witnessed cases regarding FGM and SRH,

DR: Abdisamad the director of Garowe General Hospital has pointed out the indispensability of restricting early marriage those results heavy wide -spread of negative impact of the community in addition to the need for educating girls in order to harmonize youth empowerment.

Finally mr: Khalid on behalf of Somali youth and he suggested that the youth have a crucial role to prevent gender based violence and he eagerly announced the need for making awareness campaign to all Puntland regions.

After the opening remarks of this national day there was a panel discussion of three experts that participants asked questions and shared their ideas some of most common questions of this discussion were:

  • The causes of FGM
  • Solution after FGM
  • Is there any problem if it is not cut the girl
  • First Where FGM originated.
  • What causes early marriage


In accordance with the provident suggestions from the participants that we have pick up tangible insights regarding FGM and SRH:

  • To enhance Youth participation , because of youth have potential power to eliminate GBV
  • To educate girls ,this will necessarily promote their wellbeing
  • To eradicate FGM and all other harmful traditional practices
  • The need to bring justice to perpetrators in order to restrict the consequence of GBV
  • To make joint effort and collaboration for both government and civil society organizations
  • To formulate awareness and orientation campaigns to the community
  • To create job opportunities to the youth
  • To monitor the GBV cases in Puntland
  • To bring much attention to vulnerable people


All participants of the ceremony have fully agreed a commemoration of Somali youth’s day, peace and unity could be gradually attain for Somali youth solidarity, more over the indicated the need to intercept the prevalence of FGM and SRH and concurrently clarified both Islamic religion and Somali culture not to violate the human rights and jointly prohibited GBV.

The event of the Somali Youth Day was successfully implemented, with outstanding collaboration with UN and international agencies. The day’s event went well and as planned, different activities were presented including ‘conference’ and poems provide the much needed scope required for such an important Somali day and community action event. All guest speakers and dignitaries provided quality input and the creative elements of the conference provided a refreshing aspect to the event.


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