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Rehabilitation & Reintegration Component of Youth for Change Programme PHASE III 2016

       I.            Introduction

Puntland Y-PEER in partnership with UNDP has implemented six months of Rehabilitation and Reintegration project as part of Youth for Change Programme for ninety beneficiaries in Bosaso, Bari region. These ninety beneficiaries (33 female and 57 male) have graduated from Bosaso Peace and Resource Center. These youths had been selected by suburb, IDP camp committees, the district court, and traditional elders; and they were chosen because of either committed crime in the past or at risk to be committed due to their economic vulnerability and lack of knowledge.  Prior to the start of sessions, Y-PEER conducted pre-assessment which had been assessed their knowledge level and attitude, and the result eased the placement process. Three classes were made; literate class (26 beneficiaries), semi-literate class (29 beneficiaries) and illiterate class (35 beneficiaries).

All beneficiaries had been taught various subjects such as; numeracy, literacy, social change, peace and rule of law, gender & youth leadership, Arts & Drama and Islamic studies. They also performed extracurricular activities including; quiz competitions, sports tournaments, community service (garbage collection) and tourism trip to the outskirt of the city.

The early days of the program, we had encountered some difficulties on beneficiaries’ behaviors and attitude; the management had received cases on arguments among beneficiaries and it was solved, also there were beneficiaries who were not feeling comfortable learning with a different gender. The religious facilitator was tasked to deliver religious lessons reflecting this issue, the Gender and Youth Leadership instructor paid total effort on creating a gender-neutral environment as well, and in fact, that attitude was totally misplaced.

    II.            Project Scope:

Puntland Y-PEER was responsible about the rehabilitation and reintegration of the beneficiaries for 6 months period in Bosasso Peace & Resource Center.

Under social rehabilitation component, the youth had begun the social rehabilitation process where they received structured training in peace building, social skills, governance and rule of law, youth empowerment and leadership, gender and the environment. The courses will be complemented with trauma healing, arts, drama, sports, Islamic education, and community volunteer activities.

Y-Peer identified recognized individuals from the community chosen to mentor children and youth. These were included prominent elders, religious leaders of the community, members of the district safety committee; young people who have successfully concluded the social and civic rehabilitation process under previous interventions and have now become respected members of the community and are living an exemplary life. Y-Peer together with UNDP will train mentors via a standardized training before the programme begins and were being met the youth and their families weekly. They will become role models and provide personalized monitoring and be coaching for the youth throughout the social rehabilitation process.

 III.            Project Outcomes:

  • 90 Youths are fully reintegrated with their community with new positive attitude and skills.
  • Increased ability of administrations to identify and address crime and insecurity associated with the anti-social behavior of children and youth at risk.
  • The center has been added one more class room also rehabilitated; roof, ceiling, new painting and bought new furniture.
  • The center’ nearby garbage site had been cleaned.

 IV.            Accomplished Millstones:

Sensitization and awareness-raising

On July 25th 2016, Y-PEER team had firstly met with the Deputy Mayor of Bosaso district, Said Abdirahman Mohamed and governor of Bari region Yusuf Mohamed Wa’ays, on the objective of to introduce and inform the programme, the officials had received our team with a warm welcome and promised total collaboration from their respective offices.

In addition, with the help of community affairs department of Bosaso municipality, our team had visited the offices of all 16 suburbs and 4 camps for sensitizing and raising awareness towards the programme.

Job Advertisement:

As Y-PEER’s Recruitment Policy states all project vacancies were advertised on Y-PEER’s website (www.puntlandyouthpeer.org) and a classified ads website (www.ugub.net), then, the shortlisted candidates had went through a written examination and a panel interview from Y-PEER. Then, Y-PEER  has hired  an administrative team consists of a project and centre manager, project coordinator, communication and reporting officer, finance and logistics officer, a female intern and 6 instructors, and also 9 mentors.

Stakeholders’ introductory meeting:

An inclusive introductory meeting with all stakeholders including officers from Governor’s office, Bosaso Municipality, District Safety Committee, Suburb chairs and committees had happened on the objectives of the programme. The meeting had taken place at Bosaso Municipality Hall and attended by 16 villages and 4 IDP Camps.


Beneficiaries’ enrolment & classification process:

The beneficiary registration was started following the beneficiary selection criteria, Y-PEER have used Y4C’s registration form which is very suitable to acquiring full background of the beneficiary; the filled form is in the appendixes.  The beneficiaries have been selected from 16 villages, 4 IDP camps, Bari police and regional court records, and District Safety Committee record.

After pre-assessment examination, the beneficiaries were divided into three groups; literacy, Semi Literacy and illiteracy group, therefore three classes have been formed and named class 1, 2, and 3.

Class I: (illiterate) makes the biggest number of beneficiaries, they consist of 35 beneficiaries. This group had never been enrolled in school before; even most of them didn’t know how to hold a pen on a book. The instructors were assigned to give more consideration to this group, and in fact they made incredible progress in numeracy and literacy subjects and also developed a knowledge-oriented attitude.

Class II: (Semiliterate) is mostly youths who dropped out from school in their primary standards years ago, the reason is either they failed examinations and felt ashamed to retake the class or left the school for financial matters.  This group consists of 29 beneficiaries (15 male and 14 female). However, this group has been improved their knowledge in numeracy, literacy, peace and rule of law according to the marks of their quizzes and students performance report issued by the instructors.

Class III: (literate) who are 26 beneficiaries that had previous basic knowledge, which results to be placed at the highest grade and to be given especially designed lessons after it has been found their particular gaps. However, this group has made attitude uplift and happened to total transformation.

Training of Trainers (TOT) Instructors

A four days orientation workshop for Instructors has been taken place at Y-PEER’s meeting hall, Garowe from Aug 3rd to Aug 6th 2016.  The TOTs were given full understanding on the programme objectives, training materials and expected outcomes of the programme to familiarize the interventions and to be on the same page.

Procurement of furniture for the center

As the center was not operational for a year it did not get any maintenance for that long except cleanings, most of the chairs were broken by previews trainees, therefore, Y-PEER had bought 30 new forms and tables.

Employee orientation:

Y-PEER had kicked off an orientation meeting for the project staff for them to get a deeper understanding on Y-PEERs policies and standard operational guidelines.

Monitoring & Evaluation Interventions:

A monitoring team from the Ministry of Youth & Sports of Somalia had paid a visit to the center and Y-PEER’s Headquarter between September 25 & 29, 2016. Our project welcomed the team and showed total collaboration; they interviewed project staff including the instructors, facilitators and office staff, also the met with the students and their mentors.

Internal monitoring:

A monitoring team from Puntland Y-PEER’s Garowe main office have paid a monitoring visit to the center to observe the programme status, developments have been made and the shortcomings against the programme. During their intervention they interviewed beneficiaries, and the project staff including the instructors, facilitators and office staff, also they met with the mentors.

However, the monitoring team has found that 100% of the planned activities were taken place but also highlighted that there’s a significant need of no-cost-extension request in order to successfully reach the anticipated programme outcomes.

    V.            Extracurricular Activities:

Quiz Competition:

The competition was organized for the beneficiaries, nine teams of 10 members who participated the race, each group was allowed to initiate, develop and present a project, and they were given all necessary tools they needed for their projects. Five panels were selected from mentors, instructors and facilitators to evaluate presented projects. However, the teams presented projects related Arts & Drama, Social Change, Peace and Rule of law.

Eventually, three teams scored the highest marks of the competition and their projects were about the following issues respectively:

I.            Awareness raising through dramatic show

II.            Cleaning the center

III.            Awareness raising Drawings

However, the top three teams and all other participants received awards and they got satisfied with their performances and the results.


Sports tournament: four football teams were arranged by the sports facilitator, a football court was rented and played by the teams, the winner team was given a cup, also the best player and goalkeeper were given presents.

Tourism tour:

All the beneficiaries were taken to Biyo Kulule; a tourism place located the outskirt of the city. The beneficiaries have enjoyed and had taken quality time with their peers, some of them swam and other took walking and picturing or even dancing.

Graduation ceremony:

The graduation and closing ceremony was held at Bulsho Hotel, Bosaso. The event was participated by the deputy mayor of Bosaso district, district council members, district safety committee, parents and the beneficiaries. The deputy mayor had expressed his keen interest towards this type of programme. He stated that this programme is community safety, and saves the youth to hurt their self and the community, he mentioned that they were at risk to joining violent groups because of less knowledge or economic vulnerability.

“On behalf of Bari regional authority and Bosaso Municipality, we are thanking the donor, and the implementing partners, you really covered very significant need in the region, this projected is tested and we testify that it was successful, but not enough in terms of number of beneficiaries and the magnitude of youths at risk. Therefore, we are officially requesting to continue this kind of project which targets youths at risk”. Said Abdirahman Mohamed, Deputy Mayor of Bosaso district.

VI.            Success Stories:

Name: Abdalle Mohamed Sharmake Gender: Male Age: 20

Name: Abdalle Mohamed Sharmake
Gender: Male
Age: 20

After Allah, let me thank all teachers and the administration of the project for their tireless efforts to us.  In the past, I left the school, I believed that education is a useless thing, which does not deserve to be spent all that hours, but you showed us a different picture, which is that education is the key to the world and the key to our future. And also if you look at all of us “beneficiaries” we are holding pens in our pockets, which we did not have before we start this program, I can say the pen is our best friend and it will be ‘God willing’.

youth for change y-peer Puntland Somalia

Name: Fathi Mohamed Ismail Gender: Female Age: 19


I would like to pass hearty greetings to the Bari authority, Y-PEER, UNDP, District Safety Committee and our beloved teachers.  I came here while I was dropped out from school for financial issues. I was not thinking that I will ever get back to school and even learn a skill in this simple way, but I believed later it was my destiny. Thanks again to each and everyone who took part to realizing our dream.  Thank God, now, I am able to earn my own income by using the skill and knowledge I gained.

VII.            Conclusion:

According to the post-assessment that been conducted in January 2017, it is clear that beneficiaries’ attitude have changed from violence based to peaceful and forward-thinking based. In order to witness their attitude change practically, it was performed a prank, selected persons from the beneficiaries were asked to participate the prank as actors, of course, the actors were informed that this is an assessment but to act as real. Aggressive scenarios were made up and targeted those who frequently committed crimes in the past, their reactions were observed. It was totally impressive and beyond the expectation; some has reported the case to the center management while others asked their peers to mediate between them. This means their attitude have changed to peaceful and they are no longer a risk to the society. Similarly, their appearances have changed and financial worries have been reduced as they were receiving stipends. It was found that some of the beneficiaries have been supporting their households by paying the utility bills, house rent or even their younger siblings’ school fees.

The beneficiaries are grateful to be rehabilitated and ready to integrate with their community, their attitude towards working and education have changed, they are hopeful to use their skill to generate income to manage their livings and most importantly, many of them have vowed that they are serious about continuing education at their free time, they seemed motivated by one of the alumni of the Youth for Change Programme who graduated from the center in 2014 to be an employee at the center itself.

 Beneficiaries List: Upon request.

 IX.            Photos

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